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Buick Lucerne Super – No Floaty Boaty Buick

Went up to Santa Monica on Monday, April 17 expecting to drive the new Pontiac G8 and Pontiac Vibe, but Buick Pontiac GMC management slipped in a new Buick Lucerne Super to drive as well. You know the Lucerne. It’s a modern interpretation of the General Motors Land Barge. We’ve evaluated both 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder Lucernes before and like the car. It’s big, comfortable, effortless to drive. It’s a car that won’t turn off Buick’s 72 year old buyer base.

Buick Lucerne Super SV.jpg

Lucerne Super – Evolves Buick DNA
Well, the Lucerne Super is a bit different. As Engineering Program Manager Karen Nicklin explains, “This is not your bloaty boaty Buick”. She’s right. The car feels solid and confident at its first movement. The steering is quicker. The suspension is tauter. The engine is stronger (by only 17-horsepower for a total of 292HP). Dynamically, these adjustments result in a car that feels competent and confidence inspiring. It is not a sports sedan by any means, but it is a damn fine big sedan.
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Karen Nicklin Describes Changes to Lucerne Super Front Fascia

Nicklin is with GM’s Performance Division. They work on things like the Buick LaCrosse Super, the Chevrolet Cobalt SS, the Cadillac CTS-V… the stuff that drivers like to drive.
So, you’d expect the upgrades on the Lucerne to be only performance enhancing. Au contraire! There are numerous exterior and interior detail upgrades as well. Super has a unique front fascia and bolder grille while carrying over the fenders and hood. The rear can be distinguished by larger exhausts. Nicklin admits to being first an interior engineer and it shows in the attention to detail in the interior: Leather padded instrument panel cover. Different material tones on the instrument panel appliques. Unique steering wheel, etc.
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Give Buick Buyers the Opportunity to Drive the Best
Interestingly, the Lucerne Super is not in the lineup to bring in droves of new buyers. Its volume expectations are relatively modest at 6,000 units per year (500 per month). And it is not to drive down the age of the Buick buyer base. It is to provide those discerning Lucerne customers who want uncompromising transportation the opportunity to drive the best. Interesting strategy.
Priced at $40,000 with the only major options being a Navigation System, moonroof and chrome wheels, Lucerne provides an excellent car that should appeal to Buick buyers who want to drive rather than be driven… and may even bring in new customers to the Buick store. The car is in production now and should just be arriving at Buick dealerships around the country.

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