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2010 Lexus IS Convertible: Top Down Cruising

IS  C Exterior.jpgIn the battle for attention from car lovers, Lexus always seems to get beat up in the discussion of performance. Regardless of the numbers, Lexus’ do not feel like BMWs. And they shouldn’t. Certainly, Lexus’ newest addition to the IS line will not get any better treatment from “true enthusiasts”, but the folks at Lexus has thought this through. The new IS convertible delivers what the segment demands, and beats the competition on key metrics. Aren’t those core Lexus Values?

Using 20 seconds, 5 electric motors and 37 sensors the IS Convertible’s three-part aluminum retractable hardtop speeds into trunk at the push of a button. Push another button to get the engine going. Don’t push any buttons, and the air conditioning reacts to the changes temperature and sunlight to keep you cool. Let the tanning begin.
Like the sedan, buyers can select the IS 250C with a 204-bhp 2.5-liter V-6, with either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission. The IS 350C has a 306-bhp V-6 equipped with a 6-speed automatic. Acceleration is about six seconds to 60 mph for the 350C, and about 2 more seconds for the IS 25O.
IS C Interior.jpgFor the accessory inclined, there’s F-Sport dealer options including forged 19-inch wheels, a cold-air intake, a cat-back exhaust, a short-throw shifter for the six-speed manual, lowered springs and shocks, and a brake package that uses six-piston calipers and cross-drilled rotors from the Lexus IS F. We have to admit, the sound and feel of an F-sport equipped IS 250C is pretty sweet.
Segment Sweet Spot
BMW claims that 30 percent of their 3-Series sales are convertibles. After driving through Newport Beach and Laguna Beach for a day, its evident Lexus’ IS C hits the top-down cruiser sweet spot. Performance is more than adequate for top-down cruising. The rear seat, while small, can accommodate short trips. The trunk functions well for a convertible. Best of all in this economy, you get Lexus’ bullet proof reputation, resale value and a true MSRP value proposition. The IS250C starts at $39,365, about $6000 less than a BMW 328i convertible and about $5000 less than the Infiniti G37 convertible.
By the way, “true enthusiasts” drive hard tops, right?

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