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2009 Dodge Challenger: Motorist Choice Award Winner

Dod_09_ChallengerRT_4 copy.jpg“Dodge Challenger’s win of the 2009 Motorist Choice Award was preceded by its win of the AutoPacific Ideal Vehicle Award. Owners in the Sporty Car Segment gave the Challenger the nod as it packs everything the 1970s muscle car had to offer into a modern reincarnation. From flair and bravado to horsepower and braking, the Challenger has what it takes to be a success in this segment.” — AutoPacific
“The Challenger has the lowest insurance costs and was ranked first in the AutoPacific survey.” –IntelliChoice
Owner Satisfaction Highlights
* Image
* Exterior Styling
* Fun to Drive
* Braking
* Power and Acceleration
* Vehicle’s Ride
Cost-of-Ownership Strengths
* Lowest Insurance Costs

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  • Kevin Vernon| December 16, 2009 at 3:06 am

    You can’t beat this car. It has the best body style you can get in the line of retro cars that have come onto the market. The power and handling of this car is truly an experiance to be had.

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