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2009 Honda Fit: Motorist Choice Award Winner

Hon_09_Fit_Sport_6 copy.jpg“The Honda Fit’s image and reputation helped it earn a 2009 Motorist Choice Award, as well as AutoPacific’s Ideal Vehicle Award. This Economy Car’s owners applaud the Fit’s versatility, as it is easy to live with. The Fit also benefits from its Honda badge, as owners cite Brand Reputation as a contributing factor.” — AutoPacific
“The Fit was a 2009 BOVY winner and has above average retained value and fuel costs. In addition, the Fit has the lowest maintenance costs within the segment.” — IntelliChoice
Owner Satisfaction Highlights
* Image
* Vehicle Reputation
* Brand Reputation
* Reliability / Dependability
* Overall Quality
* Durability / Long Lasting
Cost-of-Ownership Strengths
* 2009 BOVY Winner
* Strong Retained Value
* Low Fuel Costs
* Lowest Maintenance Costs

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