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What to Expect in 2010 and Beyond

AutoPacific’s Ed Kim appeared on Fox Business News today to discuss what lies ahead in the near future for the auto industry. Yes, 2009 was a real bummer, so what can we expect in the years ahead?
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  • Annette Smith| January 17, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    I never thought I would be driving a Chrysler in my life time. My parents always had a Chrysler New Yorker and loved them all till the day they died. I saw this good looking car on the car lot one day and fell in love with it. Found out it was a Chrysler 300 Limited. I had not had a new car in 15 years. I love my new car and it drives great and I also enjoy riding in it as a passenger on long trips. I would recommend this car to anyone. I love the color, style, the interior and the color of the interior. I was so tired of the grays. The only dissappointment was that it did not have a phone connection with it. It would be an extra $250.00 to have it installed and it would have to be placed on the dash board. We actually thought that it was equipped with the Blue Tooth, because it showed the phone on the steering wheel. I do not regret buying the Chrysler and look forward to many years of enjoyment with this car. The sales person in Brigham, Utah was great and did everything to make the transition perfect since we bought from Montana. His name is Justin Terry. I would buy from him again. Thank You – Annette Smith

  • Mike B| January 14, 2010 at 9:16 am

    I think you misinterpreted why sales were so high a few years ago. “Money on the hood” was not the biggest reason. The fact that people were taking equity out of their over-inflated homes and buying home improvement services and product put more money into the “common man” economy. The common man doesn’t take his earnings and play them at the WallStreet casino, they buy stuff. I actually bought my minivan in 2002 – the most expensive car I ever bought in my life – because I sold a home that I bought in 1997 for a huge profit in 2002. Sales of everything were big because of the home refinance and mortgage windfall game.

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