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2012 Subaru Legacy Most Satisfying Mid-Size Car

Best in Class 2012 Mid-Size Car:  Subaru Legacy

2012 Subaru Legacy Wins AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award

Owners of the Subaru Legacy give the car top satisfaction marks for the second year in a row.  Legacy owners gave the Legacy top satisfaction ratings for 25 of 48 attributes contributing to AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Award research, including:  Overall Satisfaction, Ease of Getting In and Out, Seating Capacity, Driver’s Seat Comfort, Rear Seat Comfort, Flexible Seating, Cargo Capacity, Ease of Loading Cargo, Vehicle’s Reputation, Brand’s Reputation, Interior Storage, Handling, Reliable/Dependable, Environmental Friendliness, Dealership Experience, Feeling Safe While Driving, Safety Features, Safety Ratings, Overall Quality, Recyclability, Advanced Powertrain Technology (boxer engine), Collision Avoidance Technology (all Legacies are all wheel drive), Range and Durable/Long Lasting.   With a possible high of 5.0 satisfaction rating points on each of the 48 characteristics, Legacy owners rated the car at 4.6 rating points or higher on:  Overall Satisfaction, Vehicle Reputation, Brand Reputation, Reliable/Dependable, Feeling Safe While Driving, and Safety Rating.

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