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VehicleVoice#60 – Ford’s New Crop of Concepts – Wow!

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Ford’s new ad campaign is using the slogan "Bold Moves" to sell cars. You might think it’s just a sales gimmick but don’t tell that to a crop of Ford designers who turned out some very interesting concept cars for this auto show season. Bold just begins to describe the Interceptor and the Airstream.
VehicleVoice’s David Barrett got a chance to not only see both concepts at the North American International Auto Show, but also had the rare opportunity to interview the head designer on both projects, Freeman Thomas. Thomas’ enthusiasm for the Interceptor and the Airstream is as catching as this season’s cold virus, but a lot more fun to come down with. So check out this exclusive, in depth look at Ford’s vision of the future.

Show Runtime – 20:06

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