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Civic Leverages "Hybrid-Like" Styling

Has anybody noticed that the styling of the new Honda Civic gives the car a look like it is powered by a Hybrid powertrain? A couple of Honda competitors have commented that the Civic sedan has styling cues that shout “Hybrid” much like the wildly popular Toyota Prius. Of course, Civic has a hybrid model available, but the plain-Jane 4-door sedan could be mistaken at-a-glance for a Hybrid.
In an interesting move, the new Civic is bigger on the outside than its predecessor, but smaller on the inside. Extremely aerodynamic styling with a low cowl and sloping hood give the car its Hybrid look, but compromise its interior spaciousness.
The new Civic goes back to its roots in providing a well-styled, distinctive compact car that its buyers can be proud to drive. It may return to the ranks of the “aspirational small car” that was abandoned by its immediate predecessor – an card-carrying blandmobile.

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  • Bill Spiers| February 4, 2006 at 6:52 pm

    Following the advice of an old friend, I purchased a 2006 Honda Civic LX for my daughter. The plain Jane 4-door sedan mentioned above. This is my first non-American brand auto purchase in over …… well, a lot of years. I was very impressed with the quality of the car. Reliability, operational cost, and resale value were tops on my list. Honda’s reputation in those areas helped make my decision. The styling of the ’06 model caught my eye, as well, and my daughter fell in love. For me, the large windshield took a little getting used to. It’s sort of like sitting too close to a wide screen TV. I think Honda did an excellent job with the design. The dealers here in Louisiana can’t keep them in stock. I had to wait three weeks for mine.

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