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Let’s Talk Cars: Hangar Queens, Audi Diesel Racing and the New Small Cars

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This week on Let’s Talk Cars, we take on the juicy subject of “hangar queens.” These are the vehicles automotive companies wish they hadn’t decided to sell. AutoPacific founder and president George Peterson and VehicleVoice contributor Jim Hall have another of their signature dialogs and take on the entire automotive industry while they’re at it!
But it’s not all negative. Jim Hall thinks Audi has done something extraordinary on the race track that might soon trickle all the way down to a showroom near you.
And we wrap things up with an OpEd piece from George Peterson on the new flood of small (we mean really small) cars hitting the market.
Show Rundown
01:48 Hangar Queens – VehicleVoice contributor Jim Hall and AutoPacific president and founder, George Peterson
16:20 Audi Diesels – VehicleVoice contributor Jim Hall
20:36 The New Small Cars – George Peterson, AutoPacific president and founder

1 Comment

  • David| April 12, 2006 at 6:15 am

    There’s a bit of American snobbery in the idea that the BMW 318ti, Mercedes 230 Coupe and Jaguar X-Type are “hangar queens”. All those cars (or cars like them) are still sold in Europe. All are sold with small 4 cylinder engines too.
    The problem with those cars in the US is that the young, not quite wealthy enough to afford a higher model generally won’t think about going to those dealers. The high class luxury dealers are a bit intimidating for a non-enthusiast under 30 who’s looking for a sporty/luxury car for not much money. It’s much easier to go to the Acura or VW dealer.
    I’ve always wanted the M-B coupe. I hope to buy a used one someday.

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