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Mercury Montego Wins AutoPacific 2006 Ideal Vehicle Award for Large Car/Luxury Car – Also Top-Ranked Ideal Vehicle:

06 Mercury Montego IVA.jpg

Wow! What a showing in AutoPacific’s inaugural Ideal Vehicle Awards! The 2006 Mercury Montego is thte top ranked vehicle, top ranked car and top ranked Large Car/Luxury Car. In addition to Montego’s top place finish, Ford Motor Company swept the first three places in the awards with the Ford Crown Victoria finishing second and the Ford Five Hundred finishing third. Since all three are in the same product category, only top-rated Montego could win its category award.
Introduced in 2005 as Mercury’s version of the Ford Five Hundred, the 2006 Mercury Montego wins the Ideal Large Car/Luxury Car. Montego owners did not want to change much about their Montego. Owners of the Mercury Montego rated their cargo space and how easily they could get in and out as near ideal. These are attributes big car owners value. The Mercury Montego is the highest ranked individual vehicle with a score of 967 out of 1100, proving that Mercury understands the Montego’s priorities and preferences.

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  • ru fie| July 29, 2006 at 9:24 am

    Come on! who are we kidding here, underpowered luxury wanna be. Where did you get your sampling group…..I’ll get a toyota before any ford, gm fwd sedans!
    Dear RU FIE:
    Thanks for the comment. The sample is from owners of Mercury Montego owners. They clearly appreciate its big car package – interior room and trunk. We agree with you, it is underpowered and pretty dull looking, but the people who bought it really do like it. Ford’s freshening coming in 2008 should spice up the car a bit and it’ll get the 3.5L V6 with 265HP – finally!

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