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Cadillac SRX Sports a New Interior

Though the SRX has not seen many changes since its introduction in 2003, for the 2007 model year it gets a new interior. The new interior is possible in part by using methods developed with the uplevel interiors of the STS and XLR V-Series models, which feature hand-sewn leather and sumptuous dashboards.


Coverings for the instrument panel, center console, and door panels being cut, sewn, and wrapped by hand. One of the advantages of this means the elimination of the need for a door shape for the passenger-side airbag to pop out of, giving a cleaner look to the dashboard. Instead of the plastic door, perforations on the underside of the leather allow the airbag to deploy when needed. There are more storage cubbies, including one hidden on the passenger’s side of the instrument panel above the glovebox under the wood trim. Speaking of wood, that’s new, too, at least when you take the optional interior. Instead of a traditional wood, Cadillac uses an exotic wood from East Africa called Sapele (sa-pell-i) Pommele, traditionally used for fine home furniture and high-end acoustic guitars.

The former optional stereo is now standard and there is a new theater package optional stereo system with Bose 5.1 Cabin Surround sound, DVD navigation, rear-seat DVD entertainment, and an auxiliary port for MP3 players. We haven’t seen it in the leather yet, but this could be a luxurious year to choose the SRX.

The change does not affect engine offerings. SRX buyers continue to choose between a 3.6L V6 or 4.6L V8, though the V8 gets a six-speed automatic this year instead of five speeds.

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  • Jenny M.| July 24, 2006 at 7:41 pm

    This new SRX sure looks hot! It’s luxurious interior with hand-crafted materials is very Cadillac indeed. And oh, the French stitching makes this vehicle truly unique. Cadillac SRX: New Crossover

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