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VehicleVoice#58 – Volkswagen 2007 GTI and the Tiguan (Tiguan?)

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Volkswagen believes that great things can come in small packages. Their 2006 GTI won Motor Trend’s Car of the Year award, after all. The 2007 edition does add a five-door version to the lineup for folks who want a bit more function, but do not want much more size. Sticking with the theme, VW’s new SUV Concept, the Tiguan, is another small package with big features.
No, we don’t know what a Tiguan is. Neither does But that’s not important right now. What is, is the fact that the L.A. Auto Show and the North American International Auto Show offered a peek at the new compact SUV sporting a 50-state-compliant 2.0-liter diesel. What does that mean? VW is promising several alternative drivetrains when the Tiguan actually hits production. Word on the show floor in Detroit was that the production model is going to be darned close to the concept.
David Barrett gives us a quick look at the Tiguan, replendent in orange, as well as the 2007 GTI, also resplendent in orange. In fact everything in the VW booth was resplendent in orange, including the light.

Show Runtime – 3:28

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  • ritter| January 30, 2007 at 12:56 am

    An SUV that spells adventure and fun. That is 2006 VW GTI, equiped with state-the-art volkswagen gti parts and accessories, no doubt it was named as Motor Trend’s Car of the Year.
    The Tiguan – a combination of the words Tiger and Leguan – was chosen over a list of nomenclatures dreamt up by Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg-based marketing department, including Rockton, Nanuk, Samun and Namib. Indeed, great things comes in small packages.

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