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VehicleVoice#64 – Ford and Microsoft Team Up to Bring You Sync

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When Ford announced earlier this year that it had gotten beyond its embarrassing lack of wireless connectivity with a partnership with Microsoft, the usual jokes abounded. “Oh no!” so many automotive journalists moaned. “Now even my car’s going to get viruses.” I myself thought this would replace carjackers with carhackers. I’ll admit, I was one of the many who thought Ford and Microsoft, and their new hands-free, voice-activated initiative called Sync, had a better chance of being a bust, than a breakthrough. Then I got a closeup look at Sync at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
It’s user interface or UI, is sophisticated and intuitive, and pretty enough to remind me of Microsoft’s media center from some years ago. Sync’s integration seems to have taken everything into account, including multiple users, and the ability to sync with all popular media players.
Ford and Microsoft hosted a tent outside of the huge CES halls where David Barrett sat down in a brand new Lincoln MKX to chat with Microsoft’s Velle Kolde about Sync.
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