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VehicleVoice#66 – The New Mitsubishi Lancer – Like Driving a Video Game

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Our fearless leader George Peterson got tapped by Mitsubishi to try out their all new Lancer. He gets asked to do these kinds of things a lot, but rarely does he come back from a test drive this jazzed about a compact sedan.
When he finished with his review, it was so glowing that Mitsubishi produced this video, which played in airports around the country on CNN Airport News. We got permission to play it here, for all of you folks who prefer driving to flying. Check out George’s take on this new sports sedan and why he thinks it’s like driving a video game.
Show Runtime – 1:25

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  • explorer| April 20, 2007 at 6:06 pm

    I’m not a big fan of the interior. It’s typical Mitsubishi — a lot of style without much substance. The air conditioning knobs have a cheap click, and the radio display is so dim I thought it had stopped working at one point. Yes, I had the brightness turned all the way up.

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