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Podcast #69 – Living on the Edge Ain’t So Hard

The Edge is the latest attempt by Ford to enter into the Crossover market. The first is the evergreen Ford Escape that had a major reskin for 2008 and the second is the Ford Taurus X (formerly Freestyle). You can look at a Crossover as a new segment type in SUV-lovin’ America, or you can look at a Crossover as just the natural evolution of the SUV – more on that in our next podcast that features a really fun rant on the whole segment debate by resident rantster Jim Hall.
David Barrett takes the Edge for a spin through the canyons of Orange, California and spends some time pointing out some of the sweet bells and whistles on this new SUV, um, we mean Crossover, um, we mean SUV 2.0. Enough with the segment swapping! For the record, we have settled on “Crossover SUV”. So anytime we use the word “crossover” we’ll attach SUV just so there is no confusion.

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