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VehicleVoice#72 – Nissan SER "Spec"V Not So "Spec"tacular

Nissan enters the compact performance car market with a whimper rather than a roar. The new Nissan Sentra SER SpecV has none of the eye-opening, seat-pinning speed the Mazda Speed3 has. But it does have a G meter…as in G Forces. Whaa?
Which is exactly what VehicleVoice reviewer David Barrett asked himself when he took this little sedan for a spin.

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  • Gary| September 12, 2007 at 9:25 am

    While I didn’t have a chance to do a full road test, I actually found the Spec-v fairly entertaining on the track. True,it won’t win any straight line speed awards but the car is quite tossable at speed. The understeer you mention can be controlled when driven hard. The car will transition to oversteer with a bit of left foot braking or even under lift throttle. All little tricks used by those of us who’ve driven fwd rally cars.
    At last week’s IMPA test days, it wasn’t the most fun car we drove, but nor was it the worst!

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