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Video is rapidly becoming an important component for any new, magazine, or entertainment website. At VehicleVoice, we’ve been using video for nearly two years and we want to make certain you know how useful and entertaining our video stories can be.
Our video stories are typically fairly short, so you can enjoy them during a coffee break, or while waiting for that report to print. Two recent surveys show that more than three quarters of the people who use the Internet watch an hour or more of video every week. And, a huge percentage of that audience takes advantage of the lunch hour to enjoy the various video clips and stories now being posted everywhere from CNN to political campaigns to your own private website — to, yup, right here at VehicleVoice.


The video stories at VehicleVoice are exclusive and revealing. We interview top executives, review cars with honest, no-nonsense opinion, and share our thoughts on how the auto industry continues to evolve. From green to mean, our stories will help you get the inside track on all things vehicle-related.
We have two places to see VehicleVoice videos – and we link to all of them here in the website. The first is what we call our high-quality distribution point, Revver Dot Com.
Check out our video collection at Revver.
Rate the various videos. If you like what you see, give us five stars!
Share your opinions and comments.
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The second place we use for video distribution is YouTube. Everyone knows about this still-growing video mega-site.
The neat thing about YouTube is the methodology for sharing videos. Just create your own account and start collecting the videos you like. Share your favorite videos and rate them, comment on them, and soon, you’ll have your own little black book of video buddies.
We’d love to invite you to check out our YouTube catalog as well.
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And don’t forget to let us know what you think. While it’s clear that video is a required component for any modern website, the content is equally important. Tell us what you want – and we’ll listen.

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