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2010 Ford Taurus Wins AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award for Large Car

Ford_10_TaurusSHO.jpgThe prior-generation Ford Taurus was no stranger to AutoPacific’s VSA due to its elevated seating position and cavernous interior. If there was any nit to pick, it was its milquetoast styling. Ford answered with the expressively styled 2010 Taurus, which may boast a bit less room but adds a big dose of appeal. Owners of the 2010 Taurus tell us that it was probably the right trade-off.
Big Victory in Segment. The new Taurus was rated highest in segment in an impressive 32 of 48 attributes, including driver’s seat comfort, cargo space, exterior and interior styling, handling and innovative technology. Clearly, Ford has another winner on its hands with the latest edition of this venerable nameplate.
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