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Toyota Avalon ranked at top of the Large Car Segment in the 2008 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards. Owners touted their vehicles’ Overall Quality, Reliability and Dependability. Avalon received especially high marks for both Vehicle and Brand Reputation.
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The Ford Taurus, substantially upgraded for 2008 and shedding its former ‘Five Hundred’ nomenclature, moved to the top of the Large Car category in the 2008 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards. The Taurus received a new front-end appearance, numerous functional and dynamic upgrades and a new 3.5L V6 engine. These changes, combined with the Taurus’ outstanding seating package, contributed to its top ranking

AutoPacific's annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards have been announced. These awards are chosen directly by vehicle owners, with no input from the researchers.
Toyota unveiled the latest entry to its lineup of family vehicles at the North American International Auto Show, the 2009 Venza. Calling it a "crossover sedan," Toyota hopes to launch a new segment with this vehicle that has luxury sedan features and performance combined with the utility of an SUV. Toyota claims that the Venza has the comfort of a Camry, the functionality of a 4Runner, and the luxury of an Avalon.
Has GM chosen to expend their efforts in a political battle to increase the availability of Ethanol as their primary tool to solve this issue?
Toyota revealed their new ‘Advanced Breakthrough Aero Truck’ (or A-BAT for short) at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show. It’s not a smaller Tacoma. Think of it more like a small Toyota Ridgeline. It’s based on a unitized platform and swallows an inline 4 cylinder engine with Toyota’s Synergy Hybrid Drive.
Toyota shows direction for expected European city car in the IQ concept, revealed at the 2007 Frankfurt auto show.
Incredible. Unbelievable. Jim Press, the top American at Toyota has left the Japanese firm he has been with for 37 years to join Chrysler as Vice Chairman and President responsible Sales, International Sales, Marketing, Product Strategy, Service and Parts.
VehicleVoice/AutoPacific resident Toyota Tacoma owner takes his first long road trip. To Yellowstone and back. He even drove on TWO LANE ROADS!
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