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You have to look long and hard to find a more difficult job than designing future Scion products.
Nissan plans to sell a redesigned gasoline-powered, next-generation Cube in the United States and Canada starting next year. It’s been a long wait for the Cube. Will cars shaped like boxes still resonate by the time we finally get the US-bound Cube?
Infiniti tailors and strengthens the new FX, ahead of competition from BMW X6. Will the first coupe-SUV reign supreme?
Stephanie Brinley and David Barrett continue their stroll through the Audi booth at the NAIAS, with a look at the new TTS.
Take all that gobbledygook that comes after the word Audi (R8 V12 TDI) and replace it with WOW! That's really all you need to say about this Audi supercar concept that's street legal, faster than a speeding bullet, but quieter and more fuel efficient than your average stupid-fast sports car.

So I’ve spent all this week in the city some of us at the office like to call Detwah…that’s Detroit to all you ‘Murrican speakers out there. Looking to save a few bucks for VehicleVoice, I reserved the lowest class of automobile (Economy) knowing that rental companies usually stock only a few of them – usually resulting in a free upgrade.
Well, that didn’t happen this time. I reserved a Chevrolet Aveo, and instead of getting the usual free upgrade to something bigger and nicer, I got…wait for it…a Chevrolet Aveo. Rats!

Pontiac set to revive the old El Camino formula. Will you be ready for this next year? V8 power, two doors, and a bed for all your stuff.
Pontiac beefs up the G8 range later in 2008 with 402HP V8 and optional six-speed manual. The G8 GXP promises to give the Charger a run for the money, even with Charger's bigger horsepower.
Designed as a collaborative effort between the Alfa Styling Center, Giugiaro and Pinnfarina, the Spider includes traditional Alfa cues, such as the log and front grill, not to mention the the very Alfa interior.
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