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Volkswagen Lures Media to Playboy Mansion

Ah, those wiley Volkswagen PR Folks
Lured to the Playboy Mansion in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles, automotive journalists arrived with visions of Playmates dancing in their heads. Disappointed! None to be seen. Would have cost VW $7,500 more to have Playmates strolling around during the event… heck, I would have paid it! Of course, VehicleVoice fell for it and treked up to Holmby Hills for the show.

Playboy Mansion RV.JPG

Anyway… there was a business purpose to the event. Volkswagen was introducing four special edition cars and announcing a special promotion for the 4th Quarter of 2006. The special editions included a high value Wolfsburg Edition Jetta, two Fahrenheit models – a GTi Fahrenheit and GLi Fahrenheit, and a triple white New Beetle.
VW Playboy Lineup.JPG

All of these special editions are low volume models intended to increase the visibility of the Jetta, GTi and New Beetle through the middle of 2007.

Wolfsburg Edition Jetta
A $17,990 model of the Jetta, VW adds 16-inch alloy wheels, sunroof, leatherette interior, cold weather package and Monster floormats. With all the stuff added, this Wolfsburg Edition is a $2,000 discount. There will be 13,000 Wolfsburg Edition Jettas available beginning in November 2006.
Fahrenheit GTI
In Fahrenheit Orange, the Fahrenheit GTI is a head-turner. With only 1,200 units available beginning in the 1st Quarter of 2007, the $27,665 Fahrenheit GTI will be a rare piece.
Equipped with a European sport tuned suspension, 18-inch Charleston wheels, “Fahrenheit” badging, heated leather sport seats, sunroof, orange interior trim, DSG, and Sirius Radio, the Fahrenheit GTI is for the VW afficionado that values “FAST”. Each Fahrenheit GTI will be numbered.

VW Playboy GTi FAH.JPG

Fahrenheit GLI
In Fahrenheit Yellow, the Fahrenheit GLI paralels the Fahrenheit GTI. Same equipment, but with yellow trim highlights and a $27,880 price (why the $215 difference?). Only 1,200 Fahrenheit GLIs will be available. Each Fahrenheit GLI will be numbered.
Triple White New Beetle
Now this is an eye-popping chick’s car. In Campanella white with a white interior and white convertible top boot, the Triple White New Beetle convertible is a head turner. Why not a white convertible top… too hard to keep clean. Only 3,000 of these special New Beetle convertibles will be available beginning on April 1st just in time for convertible season. Price is $25,990 and all are with automatic transmissions. Something about 70% of New Beetle convertible owners being girls.
VW Tri White Real.JPG

VW Triple White Interior.jpg

2007 Volkswagens Rock with First Act Guitars – Did You Know You Wanted a Guitar?
Every Jetta, GTI, Rabbit and New Beetle sold during the 4th Quarter 2007 will come with a First Act guitar. In a special promotion reminiscent of the Jetta Trek and K2 promotions of the 1990s, VW will team with a popular brand to hype their cars. Each guitar will be VIN coded with the same VIN as its corresponding car. There also will be VW guitar lessons on-line to lucky owners. Seems like a perfect re-gifting idea.

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