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VehicleVoice#43 – BMW's Performance Driving School

  • November 13, 2006
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You know us. After hundreds of stories and nearly 50 podcasts, you know that all of us here at VehicleVoice are rather addicted to screeching around test tracks. Someone asks us, “Hey! You VehicleVoice folks! Wanna go screech around a test track?” And we always say “Yes.” We’re easy. We’ll admit it.
But a few weeks ago, when BMW asked us if we wanted to get into some of its high performance M cars and go screech around the California Speedway, we didn’t know what to say. Mainly because we had been struck dumb. We were that excited. We eventually found our voices, and yelled “Hell yes!” Then we packed our cameras and microphones, and our resident (ex) race car driver, David Barrett, and we headed for Fontana.
Thank you BMW! Thank you for letting us drive an M5 at mach speed. Thank you for letting us go skidding across wet pavement in an M3. Thank you for letting us take an M Roadster for a spin on the autocross track. Thanks for not believing all those rumors you heard about us! And by the way, there is an important story here, too. Watch this podcast and get the inside line!

Show Runtime – 13:12

Show Rundown

01:58 Skid Pad Exercise
04:38 Autocross Exercise
06:4 Racetrack Exercise

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