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VehicleVoice#55 – Land Rover LR2 North American Debut

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Land Rover has always been the smart choice for people who wanted to go off-roading – we mean really off-roading, like on safari, running away from charging rhinoceros off-roading. And the nicest things about a Land Rover, was that you could flee that rhinoceros in style and comfort. But recent quality issues and reliability disappointments have tarnished Land Rover’s sterling reputation. They’re hoping the all new LR2 puts those issues to rest.
The LR2 was unveiled to North America at the Los Angeles Auto Show earlier this month and AutoPacific Senior Consultant Jim Hossack was on hand to have a first look. He liked what he saw.

Show Runtime – 2:28

1 Comment

  • Tom Armbruster| December 27, 2006 at 11:08 am

    These things make about as much sense on suburban cul-du-sacs as Town Cars bashing the Baja. While Land Rovers of the very distant past may have been the vehicle of choice on safari, nothing Land Rover has sold in North America for the past 20 years has even come close to what could be called reliable or of premium quality.
    This is an image driven brand that fills a niche that probably doesn’t exist in this market. BMW sobered up just in time, and it appears Ford is about to do the same. Sorry Jim, this one’s a lame duck right out of the box.

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