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Deal between Ford Motor Company and Tata Motors is final: Jaguar Land Rover now owned by Indian conglomerate.
Deal between Ford Motor Company and Tata Motors is final: Jaguar Land Rover now owned by Indian conglomerate.

LRX Demonstrates Atomization of the SUV Market
Not all that long ago, we (and most other pundits) would have prescribed a pretty failsafe formula for how to create a successful SUV. Make it big, make it really upright, and give it plenty of power, OPEC be damned. Sure, everyone knows now that fuel prices are high, driving demand for more efficient means of transportation, but there are plenty of other factors driving the atomization of the once cookie-cutter SUV market.
Whatever you want to call them – body-on-frame utility vehicles, crossovers, car-based utilities, whatever – SUVs as a genre have matured to the point where there is plenty of space and demand for unique niches within the larger segment. In fact, consistent with the greater overall consumer demand we see nowadays for tailored, unique products that fit every taste (how many ways can you have your Starbucks?), the SUV segment is quickly becoming [...]

After a ten year run with the Lexus LX470, it is time for Lexus to launch its successor, the LX570 powered by a 5.7L V8. How good is it?
The rumors are heating up that the buyer of Jaguar and Land Rover is close to being finalized. The front runner appears to be the huge Indian conglomerate Tata and its automotive arm Tata Motors.
Range Rover from Land Rover wins AutoPacific 2007 Ideal Vehicle Award for Luxury Sport Utility Vehicles
Article on Ford's having Jaguar and Land Rover on the block appeared on August 30 on The Economist website and provides their typically British spin on the automotive industry in Britain sometimes to the exclusion of others.
This article on Ford's spin off of Premier Automotive Group appeared in the July 26th web-release by the British business magazine The Economist. VehicleVoice commentary is peppered throughout.
Using data from AutoPacific's national Vehicle Satisfaction research and the IntelliChoice Best Overall Value information, AutoPacific and IntelliChoice have developed the Motorist Choice Award - a unique tool that can be used by consumers to help them sort through the myriad of choices in today's automotive marketplace.

AutoPacific Take on Land Rover Range Rover Sport Win – Owners’ satisfaction ratings for styling and interior build materials strongly contribute to the Range Rover Sport’s class-leading performance in the Motorist Choice Awards® Luxury Sport Utility category. The Range Rover Sport dominates the Luxury Sport Utility segment with acclaimed ride, handling, power and acceleration.
IntelliChoice take on Land Rover Range Rover Sport win – The Land Rover Range Rover Sport has better than average fuel costs and retained value. When you combine this with the AutoPacific survey the Range Rover Sport beats out the competition.

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