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Now that I've tasted the fruit, I can't get the taste out of my mouth. True, give me a Dino or an early GTO and the feel of the gears being controlled by my feet and hands is part of the experience - sensual, potent, and invigorating. But, in today's world, with todays' technology... DSG is here and I hope to stay. There's no substitute.
Audi has decided to join the fray with the Q7, its first real SUV. The company has taken a last-in-but-best attitude about its first and most important SUV. Derived from the same platform that gives us the Volkswagen Touareg and Porsche Cayenne, the Q7 is larger than both.
All of us have vehicles that are Guilty Pleasures... cars or trucks that we probably wouldn't own, but enjoy driving from time to time because they are so outside our norm. Jim Hall admits to four sins that may never be forgiven. The Lincoln Town Car may be the most surprising Guilty Pleasure of the bunch.
The Caliber offers aggressive styling that does stand out wrapped around an useful and competitive package and those who choose it are likely to have long and happy relationship with their cars.
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