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Suzuki SX4: A Post-Modern SUV for Suzuki

Suzuki’s new small Post-Modern SUV (or crossover, or sport wagon) joins its North American lineup after an introduction at the 2006 New York show in April, 2006. Sales are scheduled for late Summer 2006 in the States, and the U.S. and European spec versions will carry similar styling. The SX4 is the result of a joint project between Fiat and Suzuki, with production by Suzuki at their plant in Hungary and using a Suzuki platform. (The Fiat, called Sedici will, of course, not be seen Stateside.) While this product is well-suited for international markets, its appeal in the States is likely to be limited and largely driven by a combination of value-pricing and its relatively fuel-efficient 2.0L DOHC I4 drivetrain. North American buyers will choose between a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission.


SX4 is Substantial Move Above Grand Vitara
The SX4 is slightly larger than the 1999-2005MY Vitara and Grand Vitara, which was replaced by a new generation for the 2006MY. The SX4 wheelbase is only 21 mm longer than the Grand Vitara, though overall length is actually 43 mm shorter than the old Vitara, which was considered a truck-based SUV in its time.
The AWD system on SX4 does not require driver input, once it is set in one of three modes. These are 2WD, AUTO (AWD high), and LOCK (AWD lock). ABS and EBD are likely to be standard, with an electronic stability control program optional. This four-door SUV or five-door hatchback, depending on your perspective, will offer a gasoline-fed 2.0L DOHC 16v four-cylinder engine for the States, though there is a diesel for Europe. The engine will be mated to a standard five-speed manual or optional four-speed automatic transmission.
SX4 Expected to Prompt Drop of Aerio.
Suzuki is expected to drop the Aerio sedan and wagon from the U.S. lineup after the SX4 is launched. Aerio has not fared well in this market, selling fewer than 10,000 units in 2004CY. The Aerio launched for the 2002MY in sedan and wagon verisons, offering four-cylinder power and AWD for some models. The Aerio’s best sales year was 2003, when U.S. dealers managed to sell nearly 20,000 units. For small cars, Suzuki may continue to look to its GM-Daewoo relationship, as it did to bring us the Verona, Forenza, and Reno.



  • PJ| July 12, 2007 at 12:44 pm

    I just purchased a 2007 SX4 5-speed. So far I really like this vehiicle, except the gas mileage could have been better. I am getting 25+ miles per gal in the city with the A/C full blast. My main concern is the A/C. It seems to fluctuate from very cold to sort of cold. I took it to the dealer to have the A/C checked out. The service writer check put a temp gauge in the vent and stated it was 41 degrees and told me to schedule a service appt, which I did. The service dept stated that the vent temp was 46 degrees at idle and 43 degrees at cruz with a AMB temp of 78 degrees. They said this was within Suzuki’s specs. They said the compressor was small. Of all the cars I have had through my life time, I have never had the A/C fluctuate as this one does. Usually if it is too cold or too hot you adjust the fan speed or the temp control. did. My question is, am I getting jerked around by this service department? I have less than 2,000 miles and I am concerned that they are blowing me off. Just wondering if anyone can clear this A/C issue up for me. Thank you in advance for any opinions or observations.

  • Jess| March 9, 2006 at 10:57 pm

    It would be shortsighted indeed for Suzuki to discontinue a vehicle as reliable, fuel efficient, comfortable
    multi-dimensional, and safe as the Aerio SX;
    that also includes AWD for well under $20K, for a car
    manufactured in Japan. I believe the Aerio is the only
    pony in Suzuki’s stable that continues to be made
    in Japan, maintaining the high standard we have come to
    expect and rely upon from Japanese manufacturers.
    This is an exceptional performer, frisky on the highway,
    nimble in tight quarters and turns, and remarkably
    fuel efficient while running on Regular gas!
    No other car can touch the ’05 Suzuki Aerio SX
    in a comparable size & price category,
    while being both sporty, large cargo carrying and
    amazingly capable on the road!

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