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Image Compact Cars are products where style typically trumps absolute function. The Volvo C30 seems to appeal to owners on both emotional and rational levels. Owners’ preferences for the C30’s exterior styling, ride and safety blended well with the interior lighting, seat firmness and level of technology.

The Volvo S40 was the clear winner in the Luxury Mid-Size Car category. With high ratings for exterior size, visibility, ride, handling and safety, it’s easy to see why the S40 is an Ideal Vehicle. Top marks also were given for seat firmness, interior lighting, wheels and tires and exterior styling.

The Cadillac CTS won the 2008 IVA award in the Aspirational Luxury Car segment. Owners rated it highly for its exterior styling and size. It also scored very well in power and acceleration. The infotainment system added to owners’ ratings of the CTS, as it scored highly with respect to level of technology.
Though the Volvo C70 is only available in one trim level (T5), owners in the Aspirational Luxury Car segment found the C70 well equipped, giving the C70 top honors as a 2008 Ideal Vehicle. Of course, it also comes standard with numerous safety features, sharp wheels and tires, excellent interior lighting and appropriate seat firmness.

GM's not the only one looking at using internal combustion for recharging electric batteries, as evidenced by Volvo's Recharge. Displayed at the 2007 Frankfurt auto show, the Recharge uses a 1.6L flex-fuel engine to recharge a battery pack capable of a 62-mile range.
This article on Ford's spin off of Premier Automotive Group appeared in the July 26th web-release by the British business magazine The Economist. VehicleVoice commentary is peppered throughout.
Latest rumors have Ford selling Volvo. Are these any more truthful than others having Ford selling Jaguar and/or Land Rover?
All new Volvo V70 wagon set for introduction. Larger V70 is now derivative of S80 sedan rather than smaller S60.
Press reports of Ford selling off Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo are the product of inept reporting, pure fabrication, rampant imagination or hallucinations. Due diligence in reporting is needed. AutoPacfic's Jim Hall takes on automotive and business media for getting it wrong.
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