Bentley Continental GTC:

Bentley Continental GTC – $200,000.49


Ah, the sheer excess of it all. This driving expression is less about the driving than about the experience. The fine folks at Bentley insisted that we drive their new Bentley Continental GTC – the cabriolet version of the popular and successful Bentley Continental GT coupe. How could we say no?

Bentley GTC F34.JPG

Bentley GTC R34.JPG

Note the price of this particular car was $200,000.49. Staffers at AutoPacific and VehicleVoice wondered if they could negotiate down that final 49¢.
The Bentley arrived in an absolutely gorgeous Neptune blue with a blue soft top that turned heads everywhere it went. The valets at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Costa Mesa insisted on parking it up front and center. Guess the Mercedes SLR and Lamborghini Gallardo did not rate that night. Other diners “OOOHED” appreciatively and engaged in banter about the car while waiting for their S-Classes and 7-Series.
Bentley GTC SV.JPG

Driving the Bentley you tend to be relatively sedate even though the car has 552HP and can come on like a freight train. It’s a car that can lump along in traffic with the occupants giving the hoi poloi the royal wave, or a car that can be pushed and driven enthusiastically. Punching the W12 powerplant (yep, the basically the same W12 found in the defunct Volkswagen Phaeton and the Audi A8) really pushed you back against the seat. The car feels fast and competent but cannot be called lithe and nimble.
Interior: Flamboyantly Upscale… Only the British Would Do It
The interior is an upscale mix of historic Bentley cues like the pull stops for the A/C registers to the beautifully finished switchgear, wood inserts and contrasting leather. The contrast of Neptune blue crash pad and upper door trim panels with the Magnolia environment was a touch of sophistication expected by British luxury cars that should be benchmarked by competition.
Bentley GTC Driver Side.jpg

Bentley GTC Pass Side.jpg

Continental GTC is a Small Big Car

The exterior ambiance of the GTC is that it is a big car, but it is not. It looks massive and hides a massive engine, but the interior is relatively cramped even in the front seats. The windshield is fast to give the Continental and Continental GTC their knock-dead-gorgeous styling and does not intrude much on ingress. The seating position is a bit low for a car in this class. Once again a tip of the hat to this being Bentley’s sports car.

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Bentley Continental GTC – Daddy Warbucks Visits AutoPacific


VehicleVoice Bentley GTC F34.jpg

Our erstwhile car designer Internet mogul Cornelis Steenstra of dropped by last week with an absolutely gorgeous Bentley Continental GTC. It tops out just above $200,000. We took the opportunity to take a couple of candid shots while it was positioned on AutoPacific’s showroom turntable for Cor’s video critique. AutoPacific and VehicleVoice staffers couldn’t help crawling over the car. We even figured out how to open the hood!
VehicleVoice Bentley GTC R34.jpg

Sat in it, drooled over it, but didn’t have a chance to drive it.
VehicleVoice Bentley GTC Cockpit.jpg

VehicleVoice Daddy Warbucks.jpg

But, frankly, I think I am more of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur type myself. Those extra two doors more than make up for not having open top motoring. The Flying Spur is much more of a Daddy Warbucks kind of car.

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Bentley Continental GTC


Bentley Introduced Their Latest Convertible in New York
The United States is partial to convertibles. In many cases where a model is offered in coupe and convertible bodystyles, especially luxury cars like the Bentley Arnage and Jaguar XK, the split is 2 to 1 convertible to coupe, while the opposite is true in many international markets. Given this factoid, it was no surprise that the Continental GT-based convertible was unveiled in the United States at the 2006 New York auto show. Further, Bentley‘s two biggest markets are New York and Los Angeles, so using New York was likely an easy call, too. The GTC will be available later in 2006, with its power-folding twenty-five-seconds-to-down soft-top, turbocharged 552HP 6.0L W12 engine and six-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive, typically gorgeous Bentley design and completely pampering interior. VehicleVoice and AutoPacific correspondents were on hand for the reveal, of course. Who would want to miss seeing such a gorgeous automobile, even if just to dream and admire?


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