BMW M6 Cabriolet:

2012 BMW M6 Convertible: 4,508 Pounds of Rocket (Rocket Fuel Not Required)


BMW opted to bring back their M6 Convertible for 2012, and as expected, it offers up more horsepower, better looks, and increased fuel economy.

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BMW M6 Cabriolet – A Softtop Convertible?



In spring 2006, BMW‘s M6 coupe finally went on sale in the States. It was formally introduced at the Los Angeles auto show (click for our coverage from January). Just yesterday, BMW released the photos of the M6 Cabrio (perhaps in part because someone had already leaked them). Whatever the strategy behind their release, VehicleVoice is ready to bring them to your attention. As of this writing, BMW USA had not added the M6 convertible to their web site, but a terrific, though broadband-intensive, overview can be found on BMW’s international consumer website.
Yeah, we love the way the cabrio looks with the top down, but BMW’s rationale eschewing a retractable hardtop for a softtop just does not hold water. Every, and I mean EVERY, modern cabriolet should have a retractable hardtop. This improves creature comforts and yields two cars – a coupe and cabriolet – for a slight premium price over a single coupe or cab. Additionally, I read about the 279 suspension settings available… this means that there is every setting available EXCEPT GOOD. I’ll spend my money on something much less complicated.
Writing ten months later in April 2007 we note with some satisfaction that the BMW 3-Series Cabriolet has now become a retractable hardtop. Great move.

Aside from the coupe’s carbon-fibre roof versus the Cabrio’s soft top, there are no significant differences between the M6 coupe and convertible. Both get the 500HP 5.5L V10 and seven-speed sequential manual gearbox introduced in the latest M5. The M6 convertible even offers the same lightweight nineteen-inch wheels as the coupe. Convertible buyers do not have to give up the DriveLogic program and its three engine output programs, the M Drive system that helps manage the possible 279 DriveLogic and suspension settings, the M Differential lock, the new-generation Dynamic Stability Control, the Electronic Damper Control, or the a hill detection that adjusts the transmission’s up- and downshifts when on hills or steep grades.

Exterior cues warning you the M6 Cabrio is about to (or just did) overtake you are just as subtle as those on the coupe, including a larger front air intake, the new rear diffuser surrounding the four exhaust pipes, sculpted side sills, M-style mirrors, the M logo in the ornamental side slats, and the M6 badge on the decklid.


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