Toyota Recall Customer FAQs


logo.jpgThe Toyota recalls over sticking accelerator pedals are causing quite a stir this week, one which has grown in volume, really, over months and years. The fallout may be severe for Toyota, depending on how long it takes to fully resolve the issues and whether or not an additional recall regarding the Prius brake system is also required–voluntary or not. The situation is particularly bad for a company that had built a personality based on reliability and safety. No doubt, they will be taken to task. No doubt, mistakes were made. Also no doubt, the media frenzy is turning an already difficult and serious recall situation into recall fever.
But, while the drama plays out on local and national news, and our hard-working Congresspeople ensure they publicly flog Toyota and get their two cents in and “keep us safe,” there are real people with real questions. Toyota has some answers for customers, and we’d like to share them with you.
Follow the jump for Toyota’s relatively thorough and clear FAQs, including information on both the accelerator pedal and floor mat recalls, and what to do in an emergency.

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2009 Lexus ES: Motorist Choice Award Winner


2009_Lexus_ES350_MCA.jpg“The Lexus ES is back for accolades as it wins a Motorist Choice Award, after 2009 AutoPacific Ideal Vehicle, Vehicle Satisfaction, and Owner Recommendation Awards. Lexus ES earns top marks in the Mid-Size Luxury Car Segment by offering a sophisticated blend of luxury and smooth performance. A long-standing reputation as a quality vehicle from a dependable brand only bolstered ratings.” – AutoPacific
“The Lexus ES has best-in-segment ownership costs and is second best in retained value and lowest in insurance and repair costs.” – IntelliChoice
Owner Satisfaction Highlights
• Vehicle Reputation
• Brand Reputation
• Reliability / Dependability
• Feeling Safe While Driving
• Overall Quality
Cost-of-Ownership Strengths
• Best-in-Segment Ownership Costs
• Strong Retained Value
• Lowest Insurance Costs
• Lowest Repair Costs

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2009 Lexus ES Wins AutoPacific 2009 Ideal Vehicle Award


2009_Lexus_ES350_IVA.jpg“Lexus ES’ win of AutoPacific’s 2009 Ideal Vehicle Award, combined with its win of the 2009 Vehicle Satisfaction Award, put the Lexus atop the Luxury Mid-Size Car class,” said George Peterson, president of AutoPacific, Inc. “Lexus has designed a car with a clearly defined target that they hit squarely. That the ES has won both AutoPacific’s owner awards shows that Lexus ES buyers have purchased a car that is ideal for them.” Idyllic qualities include:
* Passenger roominess and ride quality
* Level of technology
* Power and acceleration

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2009 Lexus ES350 Wins AutoPacific's Vehicle Satisfaction Award for Luxury Mid-Size Car


2009_Lexus_ES350.jpgLexus ES wins the Vehicle Satisfaction Award for the Mid-Size Luxury Car segment, collecting high marks for attributes we have come to expect from the Lexus brand. In its fifth generation, ES owners still report solid satisfaction with their vehicles. This is the second year in a row for the Lexus ES to take home a VSA. Of the 48 measurements included in AutoPacific’s vehicle satisfaction calculations, the ES won 23 outright.
• Vehicle and brand reputation
• Overall quality, durability, reliability and dependability
• Vehicle’s ride along with interior controls with a quality feel/operation
• Feel of fabrics and materials along with top marks for driver’s seat comfort
• Anticipated resale value

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Lexus ES 350 Leads 2006 Chicago Auto Show


First Announcement of the Show Gives Us 272HP ES 350
Continuing its relationship to the Toyota Camry (introduced in January at the Detroit show), the fifth-generation ES was introduced in the Windy City in February. It arrives in dealers in April 2006 as an early 2007 entry and is spun off an all-new platform. VehicleVoice and AutoPacific correspondents were on hand to get the news. Lexus has also launched a web site for customers to get their first look at the latest ES 350.

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