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Tell Us How Gas Prices Affect Your Vehicle-Purchase Decision


Drivers paid around one dollar more per gallon at the gas pumps this past July compared to the same month in 2010. Surprisingly, however, nearly the same number of drivers planned to purchase SUVs, pickups and V8 engines both years, proving that car buyers have become immune to the spikes in fuel prices when it comes to their vehicle-purchase decisions. In addition, nearly one in ten surveyed planned to modify their current vehicles with aftermarket parts hoping to attain increases in fuel economy.

Now is your chance to weigh in on the issue by taking the latest September 2011 Fuel Prices survey available to VehicleVoice panelists. Simply click here, or login using the email address for which you created your account, click the “Go to Surveys” button, and follow the “Fuel Prices” link to take the survey.

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VehicleVoice #36 – Ford's New CEO, Dip in Fuel Prices, Roadtrips


Welcome to VehicleVoice – Episode #36

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This week, our VehicleVoice audio podcast has host David Barrett sitting down with AutoPacific’s Vice President and Senior Consultant Jim Hossack for a conversation about the state of the American Auto Industry.

Jim and David chat about dropping fuel prices and the sights seen from the window during a roadtrip through the Rockies, not to mention GM’s new warranty, BMW’s new hydrogen car (is it practical?), and how renting a Mustang convertible in the Yellowstone region is a lot easier than you might think. And that’s just the beginning!

Show Runtime – 15:04

Show Rundown
00:28 GM’s recent changes – Are they turning things around?
03:33 Ford’s New CEO – Will an outsider make a difference?
07:29 Gas Prices – Why are they falling and will Americans start buying big cars again?
09:55 BMW’s New Hydrogen Car – Will it sell?
11:38 Western Mountain Road Trip – What kind of cars can you see on the road in the Rockies?

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