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Research Shows Moms Lead The Way In Using Hi-Tech Conveniences


Think Minivan Moms are Behind the Times? Think Again.
TUSTIN, Calif. (May 5, 2009) — The stereotype would have us expect that today’s moms, often drivers of minivans or SUVs, care more about a Diaper Genie than the latest techno-gadgets. Time to catch up with today’s driving mom.
In fact, today’s moms find the convenience and connection the latest technology provides valuable. Of eleven electronic technologies important to new-car buyers that are measured by AutoPacific, a marketing research company based in Tustin, California, moms have a higher ownership in seven of the categories than the general car-buying population. These include wireless computer networks, Bluetooth cell phones, digital video recorders, video game consoles, Blackberries, and MP3 players. But Apple iPods are where moms are really out front. In ownership of the popular music and video device, moms lead men and female vehicle owners who are not moms by twelve percentage points.
“The lesson here is to look at the data before making assumptions,” says George Peterson, president of AutoPacific. “Clearly, moms are very interested in using the latest technology. Moms are multi-taskers at the highest level and desire convenient technologies that allow them to safely accomplish their daily routine, while also making sure that the latest Hannah Montana song is available at the push of a button.”

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500 Miles to Ironforge


On one hand, it’s the best idea in human history: Dad drives the minivan, and while little Pashley is engrossed in her Dora DVDs, mom can e-mail her sister about how ill-advised this trip is, Junior can watch a panda get hit in the junk on YouTube, and Sister can do whatever it is those damn kids do in their Facespaces or Mybooks or what have you.
On the other hand, it’s the Internet in the car. Well, there’s a brilliant plan with absolutely no flaws, don’t you think?

”DSL? Where we’re going, we don’t need DSL.”

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In Car Gadgets by Accident


When I was a teen, it was super cool to have an eight-track in your car. Of course, you’d have to pull the cartridge out and try to stuff the tape back into it on occasion, but it was fun and it helped with dates.


When I was in my twenties, it was cool to have a cassette player in your car. They were smaller, longer, more secure, and best of all sounded better. Did I mention the benefits with dates?

When I was in my thirties, having a CD-player in your car was way-cool. Cassettes were so old hat. Who would admit to having one? Not me. In fact, I opted for a six-disc CD-Changer in my trunk, plus the additional in-dash slot for that extra. CDs were cool. For some reason, they didn’t seem to have much of an impact in getting dates…

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Mobile Electronics Firms Fight to Stay Ahead in ICE


During the past decade, automobile manufacturers have made great strides improving the quality of in-car entertainment, otherwise known as ICE. Today, you can purchase or lease a car, truck or SUV with in-car audio, video, and game connectivity, even including brand names like Harmon-Kardon and JBL.

At first, you might think this new round factory sound and vision might spell doom for third party companies who offer in-car entertainment systems. At this year’s CES in Las Vegas, the mobile electronics industry was putting on its best face relative to ICE, and manufacturers were touting the advantages of “do it yourself” entertainment.

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