Prius Hybrid:

Toyota Prius c: PC Car for the Masses


Conspicuous conservation is for the rich. Or at least that’s what the data show. In general, AutoPacific research shows that buyers of hybrids make more money than buyers of comparable vehicles. Not surprising, since hybrids are more expensive than single engine vehicles and generally do not reap the economic rewards of their fuel efficiency before they have been traded in.

But now that there are more than 2.5 million Prius’ on the road worldwide (1.1 million in the US), economies of scale might help make having a PC ride possible for the masses. In fact, by the end of the decade, the Prius family of vehicles may be the leading nameplate for Toyota sales in the US. At least that’s what’s Toyota is betting on with the Prius c.

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2009 Toyota Prius: Motorist Choice Award Winner


Toy_08_Prius_2 copy.jpg“When thinking Toyota Prius, one often thinks green. We must also think winner, as Image Compact Car owners bestow the Motorist Choice Award as well as AutoPacific’s Owner Recommendation and Vehicle Satisfaction Awards on the iconic hybrid. With a standout shape and efficient interior packaging, the Prius fits nicely into the lives of those looking to make a statement without sacrificing lifestyle.” — AutoPacific
“The Prius was a 2009 BOVY winner and has the second-best retained value and the lowest fuel costs of any vehicle.” — IntelliChoice
Owner Satisfaction Highlights
* Vehicle and Brand Reputation
* Reliable / Dependable
* Environmental Friendliness
* Innovative Technology
* Overall Quality
Cost-of-Ownership Strengths
* 2009 BOVY Winner
* Exceptional Retained Value
* Lowest Fuel Costs of any vehicle

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Toyota Prius – It’s the Shape, Stupid!


I’m a fan of hybrids. The idea of using a cleaner electric motor to assist the most inefficient stage of a combustion engine’s range makes great sense. The fact that Toyota is pursuing the technology with such vigor lends give it even more credibility to me. After all, Toyota does not have a history of making huge strategic errors.

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