Toyota Tacoma: and AutoPacific Announce the Most Significant Trucks of the Decade

0 and AutoPacific have taken a look at all the new trucks sold in the past 10 years and made their picks for the most significant trucks of the decade. The trucks that made the list introduced cutting edge technologies and pushed the segment into new territory.
“Despite the economic challenges of the past two years, it’s hard not to look back at the last ten years without calling it the decade of the pickup truck,” said editor Mike Levine. “Sales of full-size pickups hit 2.56 million units in 2004 and Ford’s F-Series trucks remain the nation’s best-selling vehicles, 33 years in a row.”
Though there are many trucks that had a significant impact in the last decade, it’s clear that the 2009 Ford F-150 earned the title of “Most Significant”.
“On balance, we thought the 2009 Ford F-150 was the most significant pickup of the last decade,” said Jim Hossack, vice president of consulting for AutoPacific. “It sells in high volume, owners like it and its body, chassis and powertrain are all first rate. Features abound, and there are more models, series and options than can be counted. It’s a good looking truck and suitable for the widest possible range of tasks and uses.”
After the jump are those trucks deemed most significant, in no particular order.

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2007 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD Sport – Night Raid to Jackson, Wyoming


After owning a Toyota Tacoma for a few months and racking up a few thousand miles around suburbia it was time for a real test; a road trip! So, with sleeping bags, fishing gear, bicycles, five gallons of water, maps of the West, 21 gallons of 91 octane, a fresh oil change, new oil filter and some personal effects, we set out to gobble up some pavement and go see the West… the Grand Tetons, maybe even some Buffalo.


The fourth longest north-south transcontinental Interstate highway in the U.S. lay ahead of us as I looked over at my co-pilot wondering if we had forgotten anything… Our trip would take us up Interstate 15 from Southern California, through Las Vegas and into Salt Lake City Utah, turning right at Idaho down Route 89 and eventually dropping us into Jackson, Wyoming. This trip would take us from 9 feet to around 8,000 feet in elevation and change our definition of rush hour traffic, from Plymouths to Pronghorn Antelope (who can do 0-60 faster than the Plymouth, but top out just over 60mph as the second-fastest land animal).

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