Cadillac Launches Premium Care 2011 Model Year



Cadillac Adds Premium Care  Cadillac is adding standard scheduled maintenance – Premium Care – to its 2011 Model Year products. Providing scheduled maintenance is a way to demonstrate commitment to the customer, reduce ownership costs and increase customer loyalty. BMW has been offering scheduled maintenance for years and has effectively shed its “Break My Wallet” image that existed prior to the scheduled maintenance program.

Premium Brands Abandoned Standard Scheduled Maintenance  In the past, most of the European luxury brands included standard scheduled maintenance – BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover. As costs went up and belts had to be tightened all with the exception of BMW dropped out. Surprising because consumer input to AutoPacific has indicated that standard scheduled maintenance is a strong enticement in selecting one brand over another.  BMW was winning the battle with no competition.

Standard Scheduled Maintenance Returning as Customer Satisfaction and Marketing Tool  Brands have begun to slowly return to standard scheduled maintenance as a customer satisfaction enhancer and sales enticement… Volvo, Volkswagen are now on board.  Jaguar has added its Platimum Coverage for 2011 that provides all scheduled maintenance for 5-years or 50,000 miles.  2010MY Land Rover models include scheduled maintenance for a short period after
purchase. Perhaps they will follow Jag’s lead.

In any event, standard scheduled maintenance appears to again gain traction in the marketing wars at the top of the market.  That VW has adopted it may indicate adding standard scheduled maintenance even to popular high volume brands.

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Let's Talk Cars: Ford's New Sales Incentive, and Why the Ford Thunderbird Never Made it Big


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The summer sales slump for American Car manufacturers continues, and Ford is the latest company to come up with a new way to get buyers into showrooms. VehicleVoice contributor David Barrett and AutoPacific Senior Consultant Jim Hassock, sit down for another of their weekly chats and discuss whether Ford will see any traction with their new extended powertrain waranty.
AutoPacific Founder and President George Peterson tells the tale of his wife’s turquoise blue Ford Thunderbird, oh so beautiful and oh so dumb.
Plus we touch on the efffect fuel prices have on new vehicle purchases, the new continuously variable transmissions, and where the latest trend toward rear wheel drive sedans is going.
Show Rundown
00:53 Ford’s new extended powertrain warranty – VehicleVoice contributor David Barrett and AutoPacific Vice President and Senior Consultant, Jim Hossack
12:15 Continuously Variable Transmissions – VehicleVoice contributor David Barrett and AutoPacific Vice President and Senior Consultant, Jim Hossack
15:20 2002 Ford Thunderbird – Beautiful, but Dumb – AutoPacific President and Founder George Peterson

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