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The singularly underperforming Acura RL Executive Luxury Car receives a facelift for the 2009 model year. Shown for the first time at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show, the RL becomes more distinctive and less anodyne, but arguably at the cost of good taste.

Aimed at Small Businesses Feeling the Strain from High Fuel Prices
Now here’s an idea whose time has come. Today at the Chicago Auto Show, Ford unveiled its new Ford Transit Connect, a small European cargo van that has the potential to fill what could be perceived as a pretty big gap in the marketplace. If you’re a business owner that needs to haul stuff around, you have two main choices: a full-size van or a pickup truck. Both of these vehicle types represent capability and toughness, no doubt. However, they also use plenty of fuel, and are in many cases too much vehicle relative to their usage. For instance, does a flower delivery service really need 10,000-pound towing capability? Does an IT specialist really need 4,000 pounds of payload capacity? As fuel prices keep creeping up, many businesses are finding that their cost of doing business is going up significantly, and having too [...]

Times have certainly changed since the Hummer brand’s relaunch a few years back with the H2. Back then, 9/11 was fresh in Americans’ memory, and the H2’s military-inspired shape stirred up patriotic feelings among many. Heck, the fact that it slurped fuel with alarming thirst was probably a “badge of honor” among many Hummer owners. You took down our Twin Towers? Watch us take your oil!
Fast forward to 2008, and it’s a very different world indeed. The war that (at least in some small way) helped fuel Hummer’s initial popularity has reached an all-time low in terms of public support. Buzzwords like “foreign oil dependence” and “carbon emissions” are at the top of America’s collective mind. The values that Hummer stood for just a few years back are now far out of step with today’s national mood. Indeed, sales of traditional truck-based SUVs in general have declined significantly in favor of more efficient [...]

The Ford Edge Premium Mid-Size Crossover SUV adds a new Sport model for the 2009 model year. Normally, we would criticize the Sport because its features include only upsized wheels, a body kit and some interior tweaks. It does not include an uplevel engine… just its standard 3.5L V6 which is no slouch, but we’re lusting for the 3.7L V6 (Lincoln only, we understand) or the 3.5L Twin Turbo EcoBoost V6. Anything to give the Edge truly sporting credentials.
Ford Edge 09 F34 Sport.jpg
Ford Edge Sport 09 R34.jpg
Ford Edge Sport Wheel.jpg
Still, the Sport model does add a dimension that Edge has lacked. If I were selecting an Edge, this would be the model I would choose. Probably with 20s rather than DUBs.
The Ford Press Release is below the fold…
• [...]

Okay, motorheads. Here's a story for you. The all new Corvette ZR1, introduced in Detroit at the North American Auto Show, is a work of art. But you probably already knew that
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