Volkswagen EOS:

Volkswagen Eos Ties Ford Mustang for Win of AutoPacific 2007 Ideal Vehicle Award for Sporty Car:


Stang : Eos.png

The all-new Volkswagen Eos ties as Most Ideal Sporty Car for 2007. The retractable hardtop Eos is a competitive all-rounder with its usefulness enhanced by its retractable hardtop – convertible, sporty coupe all in one package without the compromises required by a pure soft-top convertible.
No wonder Ford sells so many Mustangs! Most Ideal Sporty Car, and segment leader in 14 out of 15 categories the Mustang blows today’s competition into the weeds. New competition is coming in the next couple of years, but it looks like Ford’s designers and engineers know best what Sporty Car buyers require and deliver it in spades.

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Playboy Awards 2007 Cars of the Year

You could tell from the smiles on the faces of the suits from Cadillac that they had just come from something special. The Cadillac Escalade had just won the Playboy 2007 Car of the Year Award. Jim Taylor, Cadillac General Manager was lugging around a golden trophy with a totally blinged-out Playboy bunny glued to it and a discreet plaque proclaiming Escalade’s win.

Playboy COTY Logo.jpg

Playboy Magazine has just named their 2007 Cars of the Year. Included in this year’s list were:
Playboy 2007 Car of the Year – BMW Z4 M
Best SUV – Cadillac Escalade
Best Sports Coupe – Porsche 911 Carrera
Best Bang for the Buck – Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500
The Al Gore Special – Lexus GS450h
Best Two-Way Player – Volkswagen Eos
Best Pickup – Toyota Tundra
Best Cross Dresser – Mazda CX-7
Best Roadster – Saturn Sky Red Line
Oh yeah, about the presentations. Apparently, a hostess Playmate gave the executives a tour around the Playboy Mansion. A former Playmate, the young lady was extremely well spoken, knew her stuff and presented Playboy in a very favorable light. What I’m saying is that she wasn’t the airhead blonde bimbette that may have been expected at Playboy.

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LA Auto Show – 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible's Tricks Revealed in Los Angeles


Just as Chrysler’s latest Sebring sedan is going on sale, the convertible was revealed in Los Angeles, with a little help from actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. The Sebring convertible known and loved by rental fleets everywhere has soldiered on for about ten years without drastic changes, serving as a comfortable touring convertible with room for four plus a little luggage. It is time for a new version, and recent interest in the segment means more competition and a raised bar for success in the field.


The new Sebring convertible arrives in dealers in early spring 2007, eleven years after the Sebring replaced the LeBaron. Back in 1996, four-seat droptop options were few. Fast forward to 2007. Technology and convenience advances that keep these comfortable all year round and generally higher interest in convertibles has contributed to more offerings. Power retractable hardtops make as easy as pushing a button to drop the top and as comfortable as a fixed roof with the top up. Grand touring convertibles need not be a sacrifice in any weather.

Chrysler has modernized the Sebring, and an optional power retractable hardtop just one of the new features. Though the loaded Limited pictured includes the hardtop, leather interior, and optional conveniences like MyGig and heated/cooled cupholders, an entry version with a 173HP 2.4L I4 and a vinyl softtop can help keep the rental fleets happy. Sebring will also offer a cloth softtop. Asked why so many top options, Chrysler executives give two reasons. The obvious one is price, but Chrysler’s research also found convertible owners and intenders for whom a hardtop cheats the experience. The hardtop will be optional at all trim levels. All tops are fully power-operated, with no manual lock, and get the hard tonneau covering the top and finishing the car’s overall look.

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Let's Talk Cars: Auto Show Special Report – Part III


Let’s Talk Cars: Auto Show Special Report – Part III

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Our third and final video-cast from the Los Angeles Auto Show uncovers some of BMW’s future strategies for diesels and other alternative fuels. Volkswagen’s EOS convertible has a groundbreaking hardtop that retracts with the touch of a button. Pontiac’s Solstice might be worth all the hype, but there are some things you should be aware of before you fall in love with this beautiful American Roadster and we’ll give you a first look at the Solistice’s “pumped up” twin, the GXP.
Show Rundown
00:42 BMW’s Alternative Fuel Future: Jack Pitney, Vice President of Marketing, BMW of North America
07:45 Volkswagen EOS Retractable Hardtop Convertible: Curt Fishbach, Car Top Systems, Inc.’s Consultant for Special Programs and Advanced Research
11:57 Pontiac Solstice: George Peterson, VehicleVoice
15:17 Pontiac Solstice GXP: Jim Hopson, Pontiac Communications Manager

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