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The Clubman is 9.45 inches longer than a standard MINI, and rides on a 3.15-inch longer wheelbase.
The MINI Clubman incorporates a number of unique and interesting capabilities that may set it apart from the average vehicle in its class.
In AutoPacific's 2006 Research Suite results, MINI is the highest scoring brand with 65% of MINI buyers indicating they are "Completely Satisfied" with their dealership experience.

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The more things change the more they stay the same. If there was ever a saying the sums up the launch of the brand new Mini, that would be it. Some might joke, “Where’s the new Mini?” while standing right next to it, but it’s important to remember that there is hardly a more difficult task for a automotive design team than creating an entirely new car, that looks the same as the old model.
That was the challenge put before cheif Mini designer Bert Hildebrand. When David Barrett met him for an exclusive interview at the North American Auto Show in Detroit this month, you couldn’t tell that he’d just finished [...]

New MINI retains all the charm of its predecessor while getting a bit larger and receiving new engines from PSA-Citroen (ah, the FRENCH!)
It's going to be quite a year. The auto industry is undergoing a lot of change and the explosion of Crossover and SUV performance vehicles is on the rise. Diesel power may take a front seat and I am stoked about the some of the wonderful things coming from BMW, Mazda, Porsche, Mini, Ford, and even our friends at GM. Muscle Power will be back in a big way in 2007 and I intend to visit the gym with some of these new models.
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