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All the hooves and horns couldn't block out the fact that the 2008 Ram is one hell of an upgrade from the old model. David Barrett got a tour of the new Ram from Chrysler's own Russ Ruedisueli.
American Isuzu Motor Company has finally announced that it is pulling out of the light vehicle market in the USA. With sales dwindling to under 10,000 units per year, Isuzu just could not make a go of it even selling only rebadged General Motors SUVs and pickups.
“We are excited about Ed’s new role here at AutoPacific. His insights, experience, and customer-focus will be an excellent addition to AutoPacific’s industry analysis team. We are looking forward to expanding our services under his leadership.” said George Peterson, President and Founder of AutoPacific.

(editor’s note: VehicleVoice will now kick off each new week with Exhaust Note, a weekly rant or rave of automotive industry insight. Here’s our first…enjoy!)
Pickups Are At Our Core
Like ‘em or not, big pickups remain a staple of the American automotive industry, representing one of the biggest chunks of the U.S. automotive market in terms of sales. Last year, full-size pickups represented over 2.1 million sales, or just over 13% of all new light vehicles sold, and AutoPacific, VehicleVoice’s parent company, forecasts sales to remain over the 2-million mark through 2013.
What gives? Aren’t all of the green messages getting through to people? Why aren’t people ditching these guzzlers in big numbers? The fact of the matter is that big pickups are core and central to our lives. Just think about all the goods and services that are delivered by pickups, and all [...]

Stephanie Brinley and David Barrett take a little stroll through this year's NAIAS and touch on a few of the new cars and new concepts. Here's your exclusive look at the latest crossover from Toyota, the latest Hyundai sportscar, what the future Ford Explorer will look like, and the smallest Hummer you'll ever see. Check it all out here.
Toyota unveiled the latest entry to its lineup of family vehicles at the North American International Auto Show, the 2009 Venza. Calling it a "crossover sedan," Toyota hopes to launch a new segment with this vehicle that has luxury sedan features and performance combined with the utility of an SUV. Toyota claims that the Venza has the comfort of a Camry, the functionality of a 4Runner, and the luxury of an Avalon.
Honda unveiled their much anticipated Pilot prototype at the 2008 NAIAS in Detroit. Conveying the design features of the production 2009 Pilot, set to make its debut this spring, this 2nd generation Pilot is tougher, smarter, larger, roomier, stronger, bolder, cleaner and safer than its predecessor.
The Mitsubishi RA is not only gorgeous, not only fast, and not only exotic, it's a diesel. C'mon Mitsubishi, get this baby into production!
The Mitsubishi RA is not only gorgeous, not only fast, and not only exotic, it's a diesel. C'mon Mitsubishi, get this baby into production!
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